Five Fish Venues for Brown & Rainbow Trout and Roach

Parking is available at all waters, but is limited at Dindinnie Reservoir

The approach roads to Dindinnies and Knockquhassen Reservoirs are rough and visitors are advised to take care with vehicles and walk to Dindinnie from the farm (5 minutes) particularly in extreme weather conditions.

All Lochs may be visited on the same day if desired or for the duration of the permit dates.

Daily and weekly permits can be purchased from The Sports Shop, 86 George Street, Stranraer, Tel: 01776 702705, where quality tackle and bait can also be obtained




Dindinnie – DG9 0LE

DindinnieFly Only. A compact 30 acre reservoir, again within 10 minutes drive of Stranraer, requiring a little care as the last quarter mile or so of road is unmetalled, however on arrival there is the ample parking within the designated areas.

This venue is well stocked with hard fighting Rainbows and Brownies and also has a head of wild Brown trout. Hidden at the far end is a hidden bonus The “Wee Dam” also stocked but requires a more cunning approach as the water is very deep in places and surrounded by heavy vegetation so needs a degree of skill to fish successfully. Fly fishing is the only permitted method here.

Knockquhassen – DG9 8HX

KnockquhassenFly Only. Within 15 minutes of Stranraer the approach requires a bit of care up a single track road with the last couple of hundred yards being a bit rough.

This sprawling reservoir is made up of a mixture of shallows and deep troughs and although within only a short distance of Stranraer you could easily believe you were miles out in the wild as it feels so peaceful with only the wildlife for company. This is not the easiest of fishing but well worth the effort when you connect with one of our elusive hard fighting Rainbows stocked here. Brown trout are also stocked here and they complement the natural head of smaller wild Brownies which populate mainly the shallower end of the reservoir. This venue is a real delight for the dedicated fly angler.

Penwherin – DG8 0AY

PenwherinFly Only. A large hill reservoir about 20 minutes drive from Stranraer over a single track but well surfaced road offering wild views of moorland and solitude. Great care required as deep drop offs are not always visible, the wearing of life jackets is recommended.

This reservoir has recently had its water level raised to increase its capacity to serve the needs of the local area. The dark peaty waters offer the fly fisher the opportunity to test his skills against a population of wild Brown trout. The fish here are generally of small size but with the occasional exceptional large specimen coming to the fly to increase the adrenalin rush.

Soulseat – DG9 8NY

SoulseatFly, Bait and Spinning. A large 80+ acre loch, well stocked with lively Rainbow and Brown trout and with the occasional Perch thrown in for good measure. This venue is within 10 minutes drive of Stranraer and offers easy access with ample parking facilities for the less mobile angler.

Bait, spinning and fly fishing are all permitted here. An ideal location for the younger generation to learn some of the joys and mysteries of fishing, not to mention the frustrations!

This loch has a tremendous reputation for late evening fishing, in particular for the dedicated fly angler.

Magillie- DG9 8NY

MagillieFly, Bait and Spinning. Loch Magillie is a new venue for visitors and contains a good head of roach. rudd and perch as well as trout. This is an ideal location comparatively safe for youngsters wishing to learn the art of angling as well as great fun for a relaxing day for experienced coarse anglers with catches approaching 100 being not uncommon.