1. The fishing season will run from 15th March to 30th Sept. except stocked lochs which will end on the 6th Oct. All unclean, undersized and out of condition fish to be carefully returned. Catch and release is allowed but once limit of two per day has been taken you must leave the water. Penwhirn size limit 9” fly only. Loch Ree, fly spinning with natural bait allowed from 1st May size limit 12”. Dindinnie and Knockquhassen fly only size limit 12”. Soulseat and Loch Magillie fly spinning natural bait and trout powerbait may be used size limit 12”. Black and White Lochs and Innermessan Burn fly spinning and bait allowed size limit 12” All eels must be returned alive to water.
  2. No fishing is allowed on the Black and White Lochs within the following area. From and including the Canal to the Wee Black Loch bridge and on the White Loch from and including the Canal to the fence dividing Castle Park in front of Lochinch Castle from Kirkland.
  3. Soulseat:- No members to fish manse lands “Meadowsweet” between notice boards. Members fishing here without written permission of the owner are liable to be banned sine die.
  4. Members shall exhibit, on request, permit, tackle and fish to Lord Stair, his representatives or water bailiff, or to any member of the Association.
  5. Members shall not leave litter, fishing line etc or light fires nor disturb wildlife. Dogs, firearms, camping and boating are forbidden on all Association waters.
  6. Fly fishing with spinning rod/reel and bubble float is prohibited. Ground baiting and swimfeeders only permitted at Magillie with barbless hooks for coarse fish spieces. Keepnets only to be used for coarse fish spieces at Magilie.
  7. Fish caught on Association waters must not be sold.
  8. The Association is required by law to make a return of fish taken from its waters. Members must submit returns (including nil returns) by 29th Oct. to the secretary. Failure to comply will result in a £10 surcharge on next seasons permit. (£5 deduction applies to juniors).
  9. Any member found poaching or illegal fishing in any form, or fishing without permission on waters other than Association waters will be suspended sine die as may be any member whose conduct is considered to bring the Association into disrepute.
  10. Any complaints or queries regarding policy decisions should be made in writing to the secretary or chairman and not by a direct approach to Committee members.
  11. Each member will be held responsible for any damage caused by him to property, fences, dykes, trees etc. The Association will not be responsible for accidents incurred by members.
  12. On all waters where boats are operated the method will be fly only except Soulseat where natural bait and spinning will be allowed and the Black and White Lochs where spinning for pike is permitted. Boat permits are available at the Sports Shop. Maximum of two anglers per boat. No junior members under the age of 16 allowed. Juniors 16-17 must be accompanied by an adult member. Boats are used at members own risk. Life jackets must be worn. Float tubes are not permitted on any Association water.
  13. The Committee have the right to refuse any application for membership.
  14. The Committee have the right to amend any of the above rules at any time.
  15. Parking regulations at the Black and White Lochs. All cars, scooters, mopeds and motor cycles must be parked either at the Kirkland Lodge car park or the Black Stables car park. Pedal cycles may be taken into Lochinch but not down the main drive. They must be left well clear of driveways and in such a way as to cause no damage to trees or shrubs etc. Parking at Dindinnie and Knockquhassen in designated areas only.
  16. No treble hooks are to be used whilst bait fishing for trout. No roach to be taken from Magillie.
  17. Any contravention of the rules above may result in forfeiture of permit as will any conviction for poaching or illegal fishing.